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guitar lessons Learning how to play the guitar is a wonderful, never-ending journey.

In the beginning, your fingers hurt and your hands are weak but don't worry: with practice you'll get better and better. We've all been through this.

Here you find all the free lessons available on this site, grouped by topics and experience level.

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Never Picked Up a Guitar?

Congratulations on your choice! Learning to play the guitar is an awesome feeling, and I'm sure that little by little your skills will improve. Be sure to check your first guitar lesson here.

1) General Advice on Practice

  1. Effective Memorization Strategies for Guitar Players
  2. How To Plan a Guitar Practice Routine
  3. How to Practice Guitar | Guitar practice tips
  4. Guitar Practice and Natural Talent
  5. Which Tone to Use for Practice: Clean, Crunch or Distortion?
  6. Practice Without a Guitar In Hands
  7. The Most Common Difficulties For a Beginner Guitar Player
  8. The Main Challenges For The Left Hand Of A Guitar Player
  9. Guitar Pain: How To Prevent Muscle and Tendon Disorders
  10. Greatest AHA Moments
  11. Ear Training to Improve Your Musicianship
  12. Visual Ear Training: Use Your Eyes To Improve Your Ear
  13. 4+1 tips for Learning How to Sing While Playing Guitar
  14. How To Expand Your Vocal Range
  15. How to Play Guitar with Long Nails
  16. Is Your Mind that Drives Your Hands, or the Opposite?
  17. Too old to learn guitar?
  18. How Long does it Take to Learn Guitar?
  19. How To Improve Your Expressive Melodic Skills on Guitar
  20. How To Develop A Melody
  21. How To Use Drum Machines For Songwriting and Practice
  22. 3 Guitar Practice Tips
  23. How To Count Music To Improve Your Sense Of Time
  24. What Is Hemiola
  25. Interesting And Curious Facts in Music Theory
  26. No Time? The Only Guitar Picking Exercise You'll Ever Need
  27. Tips For Practicing Sight Reading

2.4) Scales and Solos

  1. How to Improve Speed on Guitar
  2. The Minor Scale, also known as the Aeolian Mode
  3. How To Play The A Minor Scale
  4. Guitar Strings Bending
  5. Vibrato: How To Make Your Guitar Sing
  6. How To Play The Harmonic Minor Scale
  7. The Melodic Minor Scale: Chords and Modes
  8. The Mixolydian Scale: Hear the Power of the b7
  9. The Lydian Scale: The Joyful Magic of a Raised Fourth
  10. The Dorian Scale: Add Serious and Sad Feelings To Your Sound
  11. The Phrygian Scale: Exotic And Dark Vibes
  12. The Locrian Scale: Dissonant And Tense Feel
  13. The Harmonic Major Scale | A little known scale
  14. The Chromatic Scale On Guitar
  15. The Neapolitan Scale and its chords
  16. 10 Alternate Picking Exercises
  17. The Best Way To Practice Scale: Playing in Context
  18. Guitar Arpeggios
  19. 3 Notes Per String Exercise
  20. All About Hybrid Scales
  21. Improve Your Solos With Add9 Arpeggios