Scales Over Chords | Interactive Tutorial

Find Which Scales To Play Over A Chord

On this page you find a companion tool for the ebook Scales Over Chords | Learn How To Play The Right Scales Over Any Chord.

With this interactive tool, you can easily check the tones shared by a scale and a chord.

When it comes to playing lead guitar solo, what makes a difference is the ability to highlight the tones composing the tune harmony, thus chords.

If you choose the tones composing the chords as main notes of your melodic lines, your solos will be more expressive and blended with the music.

So this tool has been conceived to show you exactly how well a scale matches a given chord.

Curious fact: try to superimpose a C Major Pentatonic Scale to a C 6/9 chord. You'll find that they match perfectly!

Scales Over Chords | Interactive Tool

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